About Us

About Samir Oriantal

Welcome to Samir Oriental Handmade Carpet, where you’ll discover a huge range of spectacular Rugs. We provide variety of rugs in different shapes, colours, patterns and sizes. Our rugs are exclusive, and hand made to ensure supreme quality.

We provide traditional rugs from across the world some of our rug range come from: Afghanistan. India, Iran, Turkey and so on. We also provide modern range and design of rugs and a choice of high-quality material such as wool. With our wide vast selection of rugs, you can enhance the interior of your living room and add value to your entire home. Therefore, valuable rugs stand for quality and good customer services.

Our philosophy is to provide excellent services and client satisfaction is our number one priority. We have team of experts trained to deliver our promise. These experts steer you through the decision-making process and facilitate you to make an appropriate decision without being prejudiced.

We offer fast and convenient delivery at extremely low prices.